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We invent winning business strategies, design beautiful products to fit customer needs, and develop elegant, durable software.

Great companies we've helped:

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Gusto is the brand behind a successful and innovative family of restaurants. Mukodu is helping Gusto develop a line of food products to complement their restaurant offerings.

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Rollout is a wallcovering agency that provides architects, interior designers and clients with an immersive, boutique wallpaper design experience. Mukodu helped Rollout design a new line of wallpaper.

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DIVE Networks

DIVE provides real-time news to all kinds of businesses and organizations. Mukodu helped DIVE with machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics technology.

NextDoor logo is a private social network that enables neighbors to talk online and improve their lives in the real world. Mukodu helped Nextdoor prioritize neighbourhoods and new markets to be supported in the future, making detailed strategic and technical recommendations on partnerships, data sets, geographic boundaries, and market entry tactics critical for success.

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Strategyzer Inc.

Strategyzer builds, a toolbox that helps entrepreneurs build better Business Models. It's a sister website to the global best-selling book Business Model Generation, a read we recommend for entrepreneurs big and small. Mukodu advises Strategyzer on technology strategy.

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Artez Interactive

Artez Interactive is the leading provider of web, mobile and social fundraising solutions for non-profits and charities around the world. Mukodu designed and managed the development of Artez' first wave of mobile products. We also helped Artez assess and improve its product strategy, software architecture, and product development methodology.

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